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look inside and see whats on my mind

I see the weirdest shit out on the road. As I was driving down tamiami trail (I think i'm still the only person in town who calls it that, heh) I see this crazy rollerblader glide onto the street and skate right behind me in the lane, there weren't any cars behind him, but one eventually showed up and started non-stop horn honking. It was pretty funny but made me wonder about the status of that guys mentality.

Now I remember why I didn't like having longer hair, you have to keep fixing it. I think its about time for me to go back to the spikes. I think it'll look better now that i've lost some weight

If theres one thing in life that I think I could do without, its disapointment. It happens to each and every one of us and its one of the worst feelings out there. I dunno what to expect from life these days, its like I get my hopes up about something that seems like a great change of pace and could possibly be beneficial to me as a person, then it turns out to be something Im not prepared for. I've always had enough confidence to assure myself that I can handle just about anything. I just jump to conclusions and sometimes play the part of the eternal pessimist, even though thats exact what I don't want to be. I dunno.....all I can be, is all that I am.
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