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A fencepost factory....

Remind me never to say anything negative about Sarasota ever again. The reason I type that is because this afternoon I 'experienced' the shithole that is Whachula. Due to me being such a good friend, I drove David all the way into that pathetic exscuse for a town so he could cash his paycheck and get money for the Naw'leans trip thats coming up in a few days.

Their community college was about the size of a Dennys (with dennys being MUCH more flattering to look at), there was a western wear store that also specialized in selling bridal gowns, and on 'main street' there was a sign that tells you where to stop right before the traffic light. Plus more rednecks than you can shake Toby Keith album at..

Rain can be very peaceful, but this constant downpour is REALLY getting old.

I can wait for the New Orleans trip, I haven't been sure about a lot of stuff going on in my life over the past few months, but what I am sure of is that this will be one hell of a couple nights in the 'Big Easy.' Im definately more than ready to see what it offers.
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