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I dont really know what to make of the whole Levi story. On one hand he might've passed away out of town and it was never covered in the Srq Herald, but on another hand it could be just some sick story. But, you dont usually hear about people dying unless they've ACTUALLY died.

Levi was one of my closest friends throughout 2000-01, and we spent a lot of time together, whether it was contemplating the meanings of life sitting out on his porch or running around town on the weekends smuggling booze in my trunk, getting severely inhebriated and passing out at various peoples' houses throughout the year, he always remained a very positive person and I honestly can't find one 'bad' thing to say about the guy.

He was a great listener and very intelligent despite his usually quiet demeanor, one of my strongest memories from that era was when I had bought a new tie & dress pants to go with the suit I had planned to wear at the winter homecoming dance, but right before I was about to leave I got a call from Levi saying that he had just broken up with his girlfriend, sarah, and was really upset. So I decided to do what I think he wouldve done in that same situation and skipped the dance to spend the evening cheering the guy up with wrestling tapes and understanding in his contempt for the female gender.

Now I look up at my wall and see a picture of me, him & Vijay from the fall homecoming our senior year, times were so much different then, it was all about living for the moment and trying not to worry too much about the future. Life wasn't carefree, but we were all in the same boat, so-to-speak. Thinking back, I remember when I awoke one morning with a severe hangover to find out he had puked in my bathroom sink, I was really pissed when I saw it, but now all I can do is smile when I think of things like that. It was all so novel.

I'm not sure of what to believe, but im gonna try to get to the bottom of this, just recently I remember suggesting trying to get ahold of him to see what he's been up to, but this whole thing really puts life into persective. It can end at any minute and nothing lasts forever. It might be cliche, but time is precious.

Well, I think i've tried to be deep enough for one post. Levi Lawrence was a straight shooter and despite his battles with personal demons over the past few years, he was a hell of a guy and he'll be in my prayers.
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