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2003: The Year in pictures

The whole concept of updating seems foreign to me, I mean, my last post WAS October 23rd of last year. And boy howdy, has life been crazy since then.

Of course to detail everything ive done within the time since then would waste too much of your time, i'll just summarize everything real quick-like:

2003 sucked, but i'm still standing.

Wait hold on.


Ok, now i'm standing.

I started MCC this week and my classes seem to be a breeze, but ask me about them in a few months and we'll see if my answer changes. Hopefully not.

Standing sucks. Time to sit.


Ok, that's better. I turn 21 in ten days, it's so funny though how drinking really loses its appeal as one gets older. For some of us this takes longer than others, but i'll at least take advantage of this new-found privilege once or twice before I swear off booze completely.

Mitch Hedburg has a new album out, I suggest buying it, it sure beats the hell out of 'Strategic Grill Locations' (his first cd).

More updates coming soon~!~!~!
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