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Well, its 2:25 right now, and guess who can't sleep?

Thats right, me. (and you, if you're reading this and its not day-time yet)

Right now i'm of the mindset that if I TRY and sleep i'll only get about 3-4 hours and wake up exhausted, and I loathe that feeling, so im just gonna stay awake till I go in at around 6. Its payday too, hot damn~!

I saw a few friends over the past couple of days that I used to be pretty tight with, but for various reasons, I fell out of touch with them. Its quite interesting when you look back on the people who you used to be the best of friends or thick as thieves with and then try and find that point in life where you drifted apart. People have this assumption that after one graduates high school, they only stay in contact with a select number of people and eventually make new life-long friends. But, what I have learned so far is that its much easier to stay friends with the people ive known for several years than it is to go out and meet a whole new group of people. Sure, i've met new & 'exciting' people here and there, but in college its mostly an anti-social enviroment and you have to go out of your way to meet new people, I think more than a few people share my belief on that subject.

Its really moronic when some dipshit who 'works' for a public park to try and throw his weight around and kick us off the ballfield. I can understand if we had left the field in shambles over and over again and caused some landscaping problems, but we did none of that, yet we cant spend an hour or two throwing the ball around and getting some well-needed exercise. Heh, not like thats gonna stop us from going. Fuck the man AND the system.
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I would say that the people I knew in High School as they were good friends then I am so apart from most of them that my new friends are the ones I spend most of my time with.